Congolese-owned. All women executive team.
Join the Peace Trade, be the change.


Highly coveted cups of speciality coffee flow from Mighty Peace Coffee
into your morning mug

Linda, from our Executive team featured here in the NYXs, ensures the highest standards as we source directly from Congolese cooperatives. Our Arabica Coffee is grown in the Congolese high lands 1200 meters of elevation to 1800 meters of altitude. Our Robusta Coffee is grown in the low lands 500 meters to 700 meters of […]


As coffee lands dry throughout Kenya and Ethiopia,
the industry shifts inland towards DRC.

Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Connection;
from the African Great Lakes to the American Great
Lakes, a mighty tribe creates the Peace Trade

Mighty Tribe

Chief quality officer
Linda Mugaruka graduated from the Evangelical University in Africa in Bukavu with a degree in agromic and environmental sciences. She embraced the sector of coffee in 2016 through a coffee project called "Kahawa Bora ya Kivu",The Best Coffee of Kivu. She is one the highest credentialed specialty coffee experts in the Great Lakes region and qualified among the best specialty coffee tasters through an annual specialty coffee event organized by USAID, ECI, WCR, ONC, ELAN RDC, FEED the FUTURE. As Chief Quality Officer, Linda ensures that Mighty Peace Coffee produces award winning coffee while abiding by the highest ethical and sustainable environmental and...
director of development
Jim N. Ngokwey was born in Senegal, lives in New York City, hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a proud Pan-African. He is passionate about Africa, business and development and is committed to using his expertise and resources to empower African entrepreneurs and drive wealth creation. As part of his work with the Sub-Saharan African Chamber of Commerce, he conducted an exploratory trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo to study the country’s business environment. The outcome was the 2018 DRC Investment Opportunity report which focuses on the risks and rewards of investing in SMEs in the country. He is proud to be on the Might Peace Coffee team and is excited to play a role in helping the organization reach its immense potential. ...
FOUNDing chairman Partner
Born in Atlanta Georgia in the 1970s, raised by a civil rights attorney father and catholic faith leader mother, and with social justice at his core, JD began visiting the African Great Lakes as a university student alongside his housemate, a refugee from African Great Lakes conflicts. Over the decades, JD has worked with local communities as an organizer, human rights defender, award winning documentary filmmaker, and an advocate ally for the Congolese-led development of local economies. Invited to keynote at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, LSE, and over 100 centers for thought and policy leadership, JD argues the key to Congo peace is in charting its own economic path forward. After having been asked to support local coffee cooperatives, JD offered to assemble the international business and marketing team needed to ...
Chief executive officer, partner
An expert educator, international communicator, successful entrepreneur and marketer, born and raised in New York City, Liza has developed her executive Midas touch leading Fortune 500 corporate culture creation, coaching, and sales team retreats. After earning a political science degree from the University of Wisconsin, Liza spent the following decade working overseas with at-risk communities earning a Master's Degree in Education, working with immigrant populations, and mastering the art of corporate leadership through facilitating workshops and trainings for over 200 companies. Liza leads the all-women executive team from her homes in Miami and NYC, where she emphasizes family values, time with loved ones, respect for the land, ...
Chief operations and sales officer, partner
Heather Foseid, born and raised in the U.S. Great Lakes Region, owns and operates her family farm tucked away in the rolling hills of Black Earth, Wisconsin. Representing the nation’s first Fair Trade organic coffee brand, Heather’s midwestern charm married with Erin-Brockovich-like relentless ambition, was responsible for skyrocketing sales at locations countrywide. Heather brings decades of experience operating the farm, the Mighty Peace Coffee roasting site, and increasing sales for myriad brands. Heather owned a health food brokerage for 11 years, scaling all startup companies to national. She specializes in creating and fortifying relationships with partners, vendors, retailers and distributors. She oversees daily operations of the company, including coffee roasting, online marketing, finance and sales. She ...
Founder, Partner
Dave is a life-long businessman and entrepreneur with a background in finance and accounting. He received his MBA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Dave’s background includes working with one of the first angel investment groups in the state of Wisconsin 15 years ago, buying and financing commercial real estate projects, starting an energy drink company, and consulting with many startups and mid-size companies around business and product development. Dave is currently CFO of Peace Ventures, CEO of Augment ( a software firm in Madison, and creator and interviewer of Flyover Labs, (, a podcast on business and innovation where he interviews innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Dave practices health and wellness with an ambition to lend his considerable business expertise to strengthening humanity at its core...